Costco swiftly sells gold bars, claims wholesale giant in high demand


Wholesale retail store Costco is now selling one-ounce gold bars on its website, with prices ranging from $1,949.99 to $1,979.99. The gold bars have been selling quickly, often being sold out within a few hours of being listed. However, the purchase of gold bars is limited to Costco members only, with a maximum limit of two bars per membership. The addition of gold bars to Costco’s inventory comes as a surprise as the store is known for its affordable prices and variety of products.

Costco’s decision to sell gold bars has generated interest as customers flock to purchase the precious metal. The one-ounce gold bars, offered by South Africa’s Rand Refinery and Swiss supplier PAMP Suisse, have been popular among buyers. However, only Costco members are eligible to purchase the gold bars, and the quantities are limited to two per membership. Furthermore, the high prices of the gold bars have raised eyebrows, with one-ounce bars selling for nearly $2,000. This unexpected addition of gold to Costco’s inventory reflects the store’s ability to adapt to customer demands and offer a diverse range of products.

In addition to introducing gold bars, Costco has recently made headlines for raising its minimum wage to $16 per hour for its US workers. This move has made the company a desirable employer, with employees receiving higher wages compared to other industries. TikTok videos by Costco employees have gone viral, expressing their satisfaction with their higher income and improved work-life balance. These videos have shed light on the positive experiences of working at Costco, which offers not only competitive wages but also a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

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