Meta’s Compulsory Office Comeback Is Chaos


Since September 5, all of Meta’s employees have been required to be in the office at least three days a week. Failure to comply could result in termination. However, this return to the office has caused numerous challenges for employees, including a lack of space and privacy, as well as productivity issues. Many employees are struggling to find conference rooms for team meetings, with some resorting to sitting on the floor due to a lack of chairs and table space. The hot desk system, where desks need to be booked in advance, is also causing difficulties for employees who have lost their assigned desks and are now competing for available workspace. Despite these frustrations, employees are not resigning due to the company’s tough half-year performance reviews and the mandate that a significant portion of workers be classified as lower performers.

To address the difficulties of returning to the office, Meta is working to provide more collaborative spaces and workstations that accommodate video calls and focused work. However, challenges remain in finding the right balance for hybrid work arrangements, with issues such as assigned desks leading to empty chairs and hotel desks resulting in unfamiliar faces. The company also allows employees who have been with the company for 18 months or more to apply for permanent remote work status, but there is a backlog of applications yet to be reviewed.

Despite the frustrations and challenges faced by employees, they are determined to stay employed at Meta. The company’s strict performance evaluation system and the fear of job loss incentivize employees to continue working under the new office attendance policy. Additionally, many employees are still waiting for their remote work applications to be approved, which means they are essentially working from home while still required to come into the office. This situation has left employees questioning the necessity of returning to the office when they can perform their tasks remotely. Overall, the transition back to the office has been a difficult and disjointed process for Meta and its employees.

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