Powerball addresses $1.3 billion jackpot delay, no longer revealing state information in 13 words.


The highly anticipated Powerball drawing on April 6 with an estimated jackpot of $1.326 billion, the fourth-largest in history, left players on the edge of their seats when it encountered an unexpected delay. Game officials announced around 11:15 p.m. ET that the pre-draw procedures were not complete, leading to a wait of over three hours before the winning numbers were finally pulled at 2:30 a.m. The live-streamed drawing saw the jackpot start at $1.3 billion and jump to $1.326 billion when the numbers were revealed.

Following the delay, the Powerball clarified that the issue was not with the actual drawing but with the completion of mandatory pre-draw procedures. Each state needed to submit sales and player data before the drawing could commence, a standard process regardless of the jackpot amount. A winning ticket for the massive jackpot was eventually sold in Oregon, with the lucky winner having the option to claim $621 million in cash.

While some players may have been frustrated by the delay, it is not the first time the Powerball has experienced such setbacks in its over 30-year history. The lottery is given a narrow 10-minute window for drawings on certain days, with delays occasionally occurring due to procedural requirements. Despite any inconveniences, the Multi-State Lottery Association emphasizes that these steps are crucial to maintaining the integrity of the drawing and ensuring fairness for all participants.

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