PPL Sponsors A&R Awards’ Behind-the-Scenes Heroes Category in 13 Words or Less


PPL, the music licensing company, has announced its sponsorship of the Administrator of the Year category at this year’s A&R Awards. The category, affectionately known as The Forbsie, is named after the late Ashley Forbes, who was an acclaimed A&R Administrator at EMI for 32 years. Forbes herself was a previous winner of the award. Natalie Wade, Director of Music Industry Engagement at PPL, praised the vital role of A&R administrators in coordinating various elements and keeping the label team running smoothly.

The A&R Awards, set to take place on November 7th in London, will honor the achievements of executives, managers, producers, and songwriters from the past year. The event, which is already sold out, will also pay tribute to industry legends. PPL’s support for the A&R Administrator category highlights the importance of these unsung heroes in properly documenting and logging tracks, ensuring that performers and recording rightsholders receive the maximum value when their music is played. The finalists for the A&R Awards were recently announced, and the event will also feature other categories and special presentations.

Abbey Road Studios, a renowned recording studio, is the headline sponsor of the A&R Awards, which recognize and celebrate excellence in the music industry.

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