RBLX Reports Q3 2023 Earnings


Roblox, the video game developer, reported losses per share of 52 cents, which was lower than the 55 cents expected by analysts, a positive sign for the company. The revenue, or bookings, for the fourth quarter were $1.13 billion, above the expected $1.08 billion. The company’s full-year revenue also surpassed estimates, coming in at $3.52 billion instead of the anticipated $3.41 billion. Moreover, Roblox’s quarterly bookings of $1.1 billion marked the highest ever for the company, signaling its continued growth and success in the market.

The increase in revenue and bookings can be attributed to the sale of Robux, the virtual currency that the players use to enhance their gaming experience. With an average of 71.5 million daily active users, the company is experiencing upward momentum, recording a 22% increase in DAUs year over year. Additionally, Roblox’s average bookings per daily active user increased 3% to $15.75, consistent with historical trends in its fiscal fourth quarter. The company also shared its financial outlook for 2024, with first-quarter bookings anticipated between $910 million and $940 million, and a net loss projected to range from $342 million and $347 million. However, the company’s personnel costs have continued to grow, particularly in departments such as infrastructure and trust and safety teams.

The news of Roblox’s financial performance in the past year has been overwhelmingly positive, showcasing strong growth, increased engagement, and an optimistic outlook for the future. With a record-high quarterly bookings figure and ongoing efforts to attract new users, Roblox has proven its ability to thrive in the competitive gaming industry.

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