Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards – 4 Deaths Reported Since 2019


Hundreds of thousands of Onewheel electric skateboards are being recalled by Future Motion after four deaths and numerous injuries were reported. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued the announcement, stating that the self-balancing skateboards can stop balancing the rider if their limits are exceeded, posing a serious crash hazard. The injuries associated with these skateboards include traumatic brain injury, concussion, paralysis, and fractures. The CPSC revealed that at least three of the fatalities were due to head trauma, and the riders involved were not wearing helmets. In response, Onewheel is advising owners to immediately stop using the recalled skateboards and is offering a $100 credit towards the purchase of new models, while urging riders to always wear protective gear.

The recalled skateboards, which were sold between January 2014 and September 2023, have caused significant concerns for rider safety. The CPSC stated that the skateboards’ limitations could result in crashes leading to severe injuries or even death. To address this issue, Onewheel is introducing an update to certain models through its app. The Haptic Buzz alert functionality is a vibration warning system that alerts riders when they may be at risk of a crash, allowing them to lean back and slow down. This update aims to minimize the potential for accidents and injuries.

Future Motion is directly contacting known purchasers of the affected skateboards, prioritizing rider safety. In response to the recall, Onewheel emphasized that rider safety is paramount and encouraged all riders to wear helmets and other protective gear while riding. The CPSC’s recall and the subsequent actions taken by Onewheel aim to prevent further accidents and injuries caused by these skateboards, ensuring the long-term success of the sport while prioritizing the well-being of riders.

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