Revolut introduces UK travel eSIM phone plans.


Revolut is introducing a travel eSIM plan in the U.K., a move that is unusual for a financial services company. The move is part of the company’s plan to become a comprehensive “super app” with offerings that include bank accounts, currency exchange, insurance, travel bookings, and airport lounge passes. Customers on Revolut’s basic app experience can get a standard eSIM plan that allows access to their Revolut app for the purpose of topping up their phones as needed. Additionally, those with a premium Ultra package receive 3GB of global data each month.

It’s becoming increasingly expensive for Brits to use mobile data overseas, especially with several mobile carriers reintroducing roaming charges since the U.K. left the European Union. In response, Revolut has collaborated with U.K. mobile network operator 1Global, formerly known as Truphone, to launch its eSIM. Hermann Frank, CEO of tech startup Gigs, believes Revolut’s move could prove to be lucrative in the long term.

By offering a branded phone plan, neobanks like Revolut can fuse two essential services in one single app, creating a smoother user experience and enhancing customer loyalty. Retail spending on travel connectivity services is expected to rise, making it a strategic move for Revolut. Even though Revolut isn’t the first fintech to launch an eSIM offering, it marks a significant moment for the company as it seeks to expand its revenue-generating streams and increase its loyal customer base.

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