SymphonyOS Teams Up with UnitedMasters, Secures $1m in Funding


AI-powered marketing platform SymphonyOS has partnered with UnitedMasters, a software and services platform for indie artists, to offer automated music marketing tools. The collaboration aims to increase music exposure and expand fan bases for artists who have joined UnitedMasters’ SELECT tier. SymphonyOS will provide marketing campaigns, real-time recommendations, and AI technology to generate customized release strategies. The partnership allows artists to gain insights into their fan base and track content performance, freeing up time for them to focus on creating music.

UnitedMasters’ Catherine Zielinski believes that the partnership with SymphonyOS will enable artists in the SELECT tier to maximize their time creating music by leveraging technology to handle the heavy-lifting of marketing campaigns. SymphonyOS CEO Megh Vakharia highlights the shared goal between the two companies of freeing musicians from the burdensome tasks of self-promotion. SymphonyOS, which emerged from Integral Studio, offers merchandise and digital marketing services, with its beta version launched in 2022. The recent pre-seed fundraising round raised $1 million from strategic investors, while UnitedMasters raised $50 million in 2021 and has partnerships with Snapchat and Coinbase.

In conclusion, SymphonyOS and UnitedMasters are collaborating to provide indie artists with automated music marketing tools. This partnership aims to enhance music exposure and expand fan bases for artists through customized marketing campaigns and real-time recommendations. SymphonyOS’s AI technology generates release strategies tailored to individual artist objectives, while also providing insights and performance tracking. By leveraging technology, artists can focus on creating music while leaving the marketing tasks to SymphonyOS, in line with the common goal of freeing musicians from self-promotion burdens.

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