TuneCore Unveils ‘Priority Payouts’ Program for Tailored Royalty Splits


TuneCore, an independent platform for self-releasing artists owned by Believe, has expanded its Splits program with the introduction of a new feature called Priority Payouts. This feature allows artists to prioritize the order in which collaborators are paid, giving them more control over the distribution of revenue from their tracks. With the Splits program, artists can designate a specific sum for a collaborator, ensuring that they receive full payment before percentage-based splits are disbursed to other contributors. The goal of this expansion is to provide artists with tools to automate financial tasks, encourage collaboration, and guarantee fair compensation for collaborators.

The introduction of Priority Payouts brings several benefits to self-releasing artists. Firstly, it enables them to recover recording costs before collaborating, giving them more financial stability. Additionally, it provides artists with a mechanism to negotiate with producers, allowing for more flexibility and control over revenue distribution. Andreea Gleeson, the CEO of TuneCore, emphasized the platform’s commitment to making artists’ lives easier and fostering a vibrant independent creator community. Priority Payouts are accessible to artists enrolled in a paid UNLIMITED plan through TuneCore’s Splits offering, while those on the free New Artist plan can access it for an annual fee of $7.99 via the Splits Collaborator add-on.

This expansion of TuneCore’s Splits program adds to the platform’s offerings for self-releasing artists. TuneCore previously overhauled its pricing structure to offer unlimited music distribution for a single annual fee, and it also launched a service for artists to distribute music to social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In addition, TuneCore became the distribution partner for TikTok’s SoundOn music distribution service. These initiatives aim to empower artists by providing them with affordable and efficient tools to release, distribute, and monetize their music. TuneCore is based in Brooklyn, NY, with offices in Los Angeles and Nashville and a global presence across five continents.

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