UK Regulator to Launch In-Depth Probe of Arçelik-Whirlpool Deal


The UK’s competition watchdog is considering a detailed investigation into the proposed merger between Turkish company Arçelik and Whirlpool’s European business. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed concerns that the merger could lead to a significant reduction in competition, potentially resulting in higher prices, limited choice, or lower quality for customers. Arçelik owns well-known brands like Beko and Grundig, while Whirlpool owns Hotpoint and Indesit. The CMA began its probe in August after Arçelik announced its intention to acquire a majority stake in Whirlpool’s European operations. If Arçelik fails to address the CMA’s concerns by October 5, the merger will be referred for an in-depth investigation.

The merger between Arçelik and Whirlpool’s European business has caught the attention of the CMA due to its potential impact on the home appliance market. With the combined entity becoming the largest supplier of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, and cooking appliances in the UK, the CMA is worried about a significant loss of competition. This could lead to negative consequences for consumers, such as increased prices or limited options. The regulator has highlighted the need for Arçelik to address these concerns promptly, giving them until October 5 to propose potential solutions. Otherwise, the CMA will proceed with a thorough investigation to ensure the merger does not negatively impact consumers.

The CMA’s investigation into the merger between Arçelik and Whirlpool’s European business stems from its mission to safeguard healthy market competition. Recognizing the potential consequences of reduced competition, the regulator is determined to assess the merger thoroughly. The UK market for personal and household goods is worth over £3.8 billion annually, making it crucial to prevent any further consolidation that could jeopardize competition levels. By referring the merger for an in-depth investigation unless Arçelik takes appropriate steps to address its concerns, the CMA is signaling its commitment to protecting consumer interests and ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace for home appliances in the UK.

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