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The yield on Japan’s 10-year government bonds (JGB) has reached its highest level since September 2013. This surge in yield comes amidst concerns over global inflation and rising bond yields worldwide. The upward trend in JGB yields suggests that investors are becoming increasingly wary of holding government bonds due to the potential for diminishing returns. It also reflects the growing optimism in the global economy and the urge for riskier investments.

As a result, Japan’s Nikkei index has touched a one-month low, influenced by weakness on Wall Street. The decline in the Nikkei is attributed to concerns over inflation and rising bond yields, which prompted investors to shift their focus towards riskier assets. This indicates that investors are becoming more cautious and are reevaluating their investment strategies in response to changing market dynamics.

Despite these setbacks, the Nikkei managed to recover some of its losses and ended higher due to dividend hunting. Dividend hunting refers to investors seeking out stocks that offer high dividend yields as an alternative to traditional fixed-income investments. This strategy can provide a steady income stream for investors and mitigate some of the risks associated with rising bond yields. The Nikkei’s rebound suggests that there is still optimism in the Japanese market and that investors are adapting to the changing investment landscape.

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