HSBC set to acquire Citigroup’s consumer wealth business in China, insiders say.


HSBC is set to acquire Citigroup’s China consumer wealth management business in a move that will bolster its presence in the country. The deal, which involves assets worth over $3 billion, will also result in HSBC taking on a significant number of Citigroup’s China-based employees. This acquisition is part of HSBC’s larger strategy to expand in China as it focuses on its key revenue generator, Asia. Despite uncertainties surrounding business in China, HSBC’s chairman has expressed confidence in the potential for UK-China cooperation.

HSBC’s expansion in China comes at a time when many Western companies are cautious about increasing their presence due to economic slowdown and new national security restrictions. However, HSBC’s chairman believes that a historical collaborative approach between the UK and China will help overcome challenges and geopolitical tensions. With its already established wealth management and private banking services, HSBC has received a unique fund distribution qualification that will provide new opportunities in China’s large fund market. The bank plans to leverage its insurance brokerage network to kick off fund sales to wealthy Chinese individuals.

While Citigroup is looking to exit its retail banking operations in China, its wealth management business mainly caters to affluent clients in the country. The $3 billion in consumer assets under management held by Citigroup is relatively small compared to its peers. However, the bank’s private banking services for high net worth Chinese clients from its locations outside of China will remain unchanged. Citigroup is also in the process of applying to establish a China securities brokerage unit. This move to sell off non-core assets is part of Citigroup’s broader strategy to withdraw from consumer franchises in multiple markets.

In conclusion, HSBC’s acquisition of Citigroup’s China consumer wealth management business represents a significant expansion of the London-based bank’s operations in the country. Despite the challenges and uncertainties present in the Chinese market, HSBC remains confident in its long-term prospects in Asia. By tapping into its existing wealth management and private banking services, HSBC aims to capitalize on the growing demand for financial products and services among wealthy Chinese individuals. On the other hand, Citigroup’s decision to divest its retail banking operations in China aligns with its strategy to withdraw from consumer franchises in multiple markets and focus on its core businesses.

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