Home Finance News Live Updates: Stock Market Today – Stay Informed with the Latest News

Live Updates: Stock Market Today – Stay Informed with the Latest News

Live Updates: Stock Market Today – Stay Informed with the Latest News

European markets started off cautiously on Friday, with the pan-European Stoxx 600 trading near the flatline. Tech stocks were down 0.4%, while oil and gas shares saw a gain of 0.6%. The lackluster start to the day reflects investors’ cautious sentiment amid concerns over the global economic recovery and the impact of extreme weather conditions. Meituan, a major Chinese food delivery company, also faced negative news as its shares fell over 5% due to a weaker Q3 outlook for food delivery volume. However, some experts remain optimistic about Meituan’s market share growth and believe it will be resilient in the long run.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 index fell nearly 2%, breaking its four-day winning streak. Tech and retail stocks took the biggest hit, with Softbank Group experiencing a 3.79% loss. The market was also dragged down by industrial equipment manufacturer Advantest, which fell 9.97%, and electronics and semiconductor company Tokyo Electron, which saw a 5.61% decline. These losses highlight the vulnerability of the tech and retail sectors in the current uncertain economic climate.

Meanwhile, Tokyo’s core inflation rate for August came in at 2.8%, lower than the previous month and below economists’ expectations. This marks the lowest growth rate in Tokyo’s core inflation in a year, reflecting a slowdown in price increases for goods and services. With the energy sector experiencing significant losses this week, down 2.4%, and the technology sector performing well, up 1.7%, the market continues to show mixed performance across different sectors. Despite the volatility, investors are closely monitoring market trends and economic indicators for potential investment opportunities.

Overall, the global markets remain cautious as they navigate through economic uncertainties and external factors such as extreme weather conditions. The performance of major companies, such as Meituan, and economic indicators like Tokyo’s core inflation rate, are closely watched by investors to gauge the overall market sentiment.

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