Taiwan’s record high shares driven by AI, with potential for growth.


The Taiwan Weighted Index reached an intraday high of 20,296, showcasing the island’s strong position in the global AI market. With the semiconductor industry booming, Asia-Pacific’s tech sector has been expanding, leading to economic growth and promising prospects for Taiwan. As demand for AI services increases, Taiwan’s robust supply chain for AI manufacturing stands out, making it a key player in the market.

Chip giant TSMC, a primary contract chip manufacturer for Nvidia, has seen significant growth, driving up the Taiex and benefiting other related industries in Taiwan. The rally in Taiwan stocks is also attributed to increased fixed asset investment post-elections, adding to the momentum in the market. With the anticipation of cuts from the Fed, coupled with the rise in AI technologies, Taiwan’s stock market is expected to have a strong year ahead.

Amidst the focus on semiconductor and AI sectors, there is also potential in domestic industries such as precision machinery, automation technology, and consumer sectors in Taiwan. Experts suggest a sector rotation to further drive the benchmark index towards new heights. Despite the strong headline index performance, it’s noted that market breadth in Taiwan has been narrow, with fewer stocks delivering positive returns year to date, reflecting areas for potential growth and diversification in the market.

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