Team Issues Fresh Warning On Shiba Inu Official Partnerships: A Cautionary Note


The Discord admin of Shiba Inu, known as DaVinci, has warned SHIB enthusiasts to be cautious of partnerships related to SHIB that are not announced on official channels. DaVinci emphasized that influencers and media outlets writing about SHIB-related projects have no affiliation with the developers of Shiba Inu. He stated that just because people use the name Shibarium or journalists write about the Shiba Inu project does not mean it is connected to the developers. DaVinci’s warning comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the Shiba Inu team to protect SHIB holders from scams.

DaVinci reminded SHIB holders to always conduct due diligence on any Shiba Inu-related announcements. He mentioned that the team will announce all partnerships through official channels such as the Shiba Inu blog and the official Discord channel. DaVinci stressed that if an announcement is not issued through these official channels, it is not a genuine “Shiba ecosystem partnership.” This emphasizes the need for SHIB enthusiasts to be cautious of misleading information regarding partnerships.

This warning from DaVinci is the latest in a series of warnings from the Shiba Inu team. With Shiba Inu being one of the industry’s most popular crypto projects and having a large number of retail investors, scammers see the community as an ideal target. The team consistently issues warnings to protect the community from falling victim to scams. Recently, DaVinci also warned about a scam token called DogPad and urged users to do thorough research before investing in any crypto project.

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