Home Finance News What to Do When Medicare Offers You a Plastic Card: 13 Words or Less

What to Do When Medicare Offers You a Plastic Card: 13 Words or Less

What to Do When Medicare Offers You a Plastic Card: 13 Words or Less

Scammers are constantly coming up with new tactics to try and trick people into sharing their personal information, with one common method being to claim they need the information to “verify your identity” or offer fake plastic Medicare cards. The Federal Trade Commission is warning people not to fall for these scams, as Medicare does not call individuals to verify information and their cards are actually paper and free. Some scammers even go as far as offering fake Medicare-approved back or knee braces in exchange for personal information, but these are all fraudulent schemes.

The FTC emphasized that if a doctor recommends equipment, they will discuss it with the patient during an appointment rather than having someone call out of the blue to offer it. It is important to safeguard personal information, including Medicare numbers, just like any other sensitive data. Additionally, individuals are advised to regularly check their monthly Medicare statements to ensure the accuracy of all visits, services, and products listed. If any discrepancies or double charges are found, it is recommended to contact the doctor, health plan, or the state Senior Medicare Patrol for assistance in addressing potential fraud.

In conclusion, staying vigilant and being cautious when sharing personal information is crucial in protecting oneself from scams. By being aware of common tactics used by scammers, such as fake Medicare card offers or equipment schemes, individuals can better safeguard their identities and financial well-being. Remember to verify the legitimacy of any requests for personal information and report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

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