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CBS News president steps down after brief tenure at the helm.

CBS News president steps down after brief tenure at the helm.

In a surprising move, Ingrid Ciprián-Matthews announced her resignation as president of CBS News just days after the network’s parent company, Paramount, finalized a merger deal with Skydance Media. Ciprián-Matthews, who has been with CBS News since 1993, will be transitioning to a new role as a senior editorial adviser, specifically focusing on guiding the network’s political coverage through the upcoming election. In an email to staff, she acknowledged the challenges facing the news organization during a time of industry transformation and emphasized the importance of transparency in decision-making.

The resignation comes at a crucial moment for CBS News, with the CEO Wendy McMahon noting the “relentless transformation across our industry” and the importance of covering significant stories. The decision for Ciprián-Matthews to step down as president and take on a new role was a result of ongoing discussions between her and McMahon regarding the changing landscape of journalism. Despite the tumult within the organization, Ciprián-Matthews expressed her commitment to integrity and values, making it clear that she wants to be honest and upfront about her plans for the future.

With the upcoming election looming large, Ciprián-Matthews’ role as a senior editorial adviser will be crucial in shaping CBS News’ political coverage. McMahon expressed her appreciation for Ciprián-Matthews’ decision and highlighted her experience and dedication to the network. As Ciprián-Matthews transitions into her new role over the next few weeks, the focus will be on navigating the ever-changing landscape of journalism and ensuring that CBS News continues to deliver important and impactful news coverage to its audience.

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