China ready to contribute for APEC’s triumph after Xi’s G20 nonattendance.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that China is willing to actively participate in the success of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit taking place in San Francisco. This comes after President Xi Jinping did not attend the recent Group of 20 (G20) summit in India. Wang emphasized that China, as the largest developing country and an important member of APEC, aims to meet the expectations of the international community and play a constructive role in the success of the summit. The absence of President Xi at the G20 summit has raised questions about China’s commitment to the forum and its global influence.

The United States has commented on China’s absence at the G20, suggesting that China is giving up on the forum and attempting to build an alternative world order. When asked about President Xi’s attendance at APEC, Wang expressed hopes that the United States, as the host of the summit, would demonstrate openness, fairness, inclusiveness, and responsibility to create better conditions for the smooth holding of the meeting. The communication between China and the United States has been gradually improving, with expectations of a potential meeting between President Xi and US President Joe Biden on the sidelines of APEC.

During the news conference, Wang also expressed China’s opposition to the expansion of military alliances that limit the security space of other countries. China has criticized the United States’ efforts to deepen military alliances in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly concerning the building of US military bases in the Philippines that face Taiwan. China has always advocated for partnerships rather than alliances and has no military blocs. Its only remaining ally is North Korea, with which it has a defense treaty. China’s stance on military alliances and its territorial claims raises concerns about potential conflicts in the region.

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