Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to World War Two ‘Ghost Army’ Troops


Nearly 80 years after World War Two, members of a secretive US military unit known as the “Ghost Army” were honored for their innovative tactics that saved thousands of lives during the war. Using inflatable vehicles and Hollywood-level special effects, the Ghost Army successfully deceived the Germans about Allied war plans, ultimately contributing to the victory of the Allied forces.

President Joe Biden signed a bill in 2022 to award the Ghost Army with Congress’ highest honor, recognizing their bravery and ingenuity. Three of these aging veterans – Seymour Nussenbaum, John Christman, and Bernard Bluestein – were honored at an event in Congress, with others unable to attend due to health reasons. The Ghost Army’s mission was to deceive and confuse the enemy, employing tactics like impersonating military commanders, setting up fake troop movements, and using inflatable tanks, trucks, and aircraft to throw off the Germans.

Through more than 20 deception campaigns, the Ghost Army played a crucial role in misdirecting the German army and saving the lives of thousands of soldiers. Their efforts remained classified until 1996, but their impact on the outcome of the war was significant. The recognition and honor bestowed upon these veterans serve as a reminder of their extraordinary contributions to the war effort and the vital role they played in securing victory for the Allied forces.

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