Four dead, including shooter, in shooting at legendary California biker bar.


In a tragic incident at Cook’s Corner, a historic biker bar in Southern California’s Orange County, four people, including the gunman, were killed, and six others were wounded. The shooter was confronted and killed by multiple deputies shortly after they arrived at the scene. The circumstances leading up to the shooting are unclear, but there are reports that it may have stemmed from a domestic dispute. Five of the injured victims suffered from gunshot wounds, with two in critical condition. Cook’s Corner, known as a legendary landmark and the heart of the Orange County riding community, was hosting a spaghetti night special when the shooting occurred.

Witnesses describe a harrowing scene, with one man recounting how he lost a friend who was shot in the back. He and a wounded cook barricaded themselves in the kitchen, armed only with a frying pan, until it was safe to come out. Another woman who was allowed to escape by the gunman claimed to be five months pregnant, pleading for her life. Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley expressed her sorrow over yet another senseless mass shooting in their community.

Cook’s Corner is considered one of the most famous biker bars and restaurants in Southern California. With a resilient history, the bar has weathered various challenges, including natural disasters and economic downturns. However, it is widely recognized as a gathering place for the Orange County riding community, despite any misconceptions about its rough and tumble reputation. Trabuco Canyon, where the bar is located, is about 55 miles south of Los Angeles.

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