House GOP’s Impeachment Witnesses Find No Evidence of Biden’s Crime: A Summary in Less Than 13 Words


The House Oversight Committee held its first hearing in the GOP’s impeachment inquiry, where Republican-picked witnesses suggested that more bank records are needed from President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden to determine if any crimes were committed. Chairman James Comer stated that the hearing would examine whether the president engaged in impeachable offenses under the U.S. Constitution. While no evidence of a crime by Biden was found during the hearing, Republicans argued for further investigation into his family’s business practices. Democrats criticized the hearing as an attempt to retaliate against Biden after former President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

During the hearing, witnesses were introduced as experts in their respective fields but were not directly involved in the investigation or alleged activities being discussed. Law professor Jonathan Turley, one of the panel’s witnesses, admitted that the current evidence gathered by Republicans does not support articles of impeachment. However, he argued that it still warrants an inquiry. Democrats, meanwhile, accused Republicans of presenting thousands of pages of bank records that didn’t indicate any money going to the president. The hearing became contentious at times, with insults exchanged between members and accusations of distraction from pending government shutdowns.

The hearing took place amidst crucial deliberations in Congress to pass government funding legislation and avert a shutdown. Many Republican lawmakers, however, expressed support for a shutdown and appeared unconcerned about the consequences. The impeachment inquiry, initiated by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is a rare occurrence in U.S. history. The most recent impeachment inquiries led to Trump’s two impeachments, both of which ended in acquittal by the Senate. The White House has rejected allegations of Biden abusing his office to benefit his family, asserting that the claims lack substantiation.

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