Hunter Biden files lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani and attorney Robert Costello for laptop data “hacking”.


Hunter Biden has filed a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney, Robert Costello, alleging that they hacked and manipulated data on a laptop associated with Biden. Giuliani and Costello have admitted to accessing the data on the laptop, which they claim was given to them by a computer repair shop owner. The lawsuit accuses them of spending an excessive amount of time tampering with the data and disseminating it to others. Hunter Biden’s legal team has been aggressively pushing back against claims of corruption, sending cease and desist letters and filing lawsuits against those who have accused him.

The data on the laptop has led to numerous revelations about Hunter Biden’s personal and professional life, with conservative media and Republicans claiming it shows evidence of corruption. However, the lawsuit argues that some of the data was tampered with and altered. Giuliani’s statements on his access to the data on his podcast and YouTube show are cited as evidence in the lawsuit. Independent analysis of the laptop data has found no evidence of tampering, although some versions of the hard drive circulated later may have been altered.

This lawsuit against Giuliani comes at a time when both he and Hunter Biden are facing legal troubles. Giuliani has been indicted for his alleged involvement in attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, while Hunter Biden has been indicted on charges related to his alleged purchase of a firearm while being a drug user. Both individuals have pleaded not guilty and deny any wrongdoing. Additionally, the lawsuit against Giuliani follows a lawsuit filed by Costello against him, claiming unpaid legal fees.

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