Kansas Cat Reunited with Owners in Colorado After 3 Years: Miraculous Journey


After three long years, a Kansas family has been reunited with their missing cat. The reunion occurred when an animal shelter in Durango, Colorado, discovered the microchipped cat on a road in a nearby town and worked to track down her owners. The cat, named Sarin, had been brought into the La Plata County Humane Society on August 29. Initially, shelter workers assumed that the owners had not updated their address since Sarin’s microchip showed she was from Kansas. However, when the shelter called the owners, they were shocked as they had mourned the loss of their beloved pet and even gotten another cat.

Shelter workers faced the challenge of transporting Sarin back to Kansas, but American Airlines stepped in and agreed to transport her free of charge. On Thursday, Sarin was finally reunited with her family, an emotional event that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The circumstances of how Sarin ended up 700 miles away from home remain unknown, but it is theorized that she possibly hitched rides on trucks or hid in the wheels of cars. This heartwarming reunion highlights the importance of microchipping pets, as well as ensuring that the contact information associated with the microchip is always up to date.

Although microchips cannot track a pet’s location, they serve as useful identifiers. According to shelter representative Cassidy Crisp, the microchip is the first thing they check when trying to identify a lost pet. Crisp emphasized the significance of pet owners keeping their contact information current. If the information is outdated, shelters may not be able to reach the proper owners and may begin the adoption process for the animal. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder for pet owners to microchip their pets and keep their information up to date, as it can lead to happy reunions like Sarin’s.

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