Tonight: Cool and damp conditions; expect partial sun on Wednesday.


The weather conditions on this day remained relatively unchanged, with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees for most of the day. This lack of variation can be attributed to the presence of thick clouds in the area, which also caused intermittent drizzle throughout the day. The forecast suggests that this temperature stagnation will persist throughout the night and into the early hours of Wednesday. However, the expectation is that there will be some improvement as the clouds disperse, allowing for slightly higher temperatures.

In terms of weather patterns, this particular day was characterized by consistent temperatures around the 60-degree mark. The main reason for this lack of variability was the prevalence of thick clouds throughout the area. These clouds not only shielded the region from direct sunlight but also caused intermittent drizzle throughout the day. As a result, the temperature remained stagnant and is expected to continue in this manner throughout the night and into early Wednesday. However, there is hope for a slight improvement, as breaks in the cloud coverage on Wednesday should allow for a minor increase in temperatures.

The dominant feature of this day’s weather was the persistent temperature of around 60 degrees. This lack of variation was caused by the presence of thick clouds that covered the area. Additionally, the day was characterized by on-and-off drizzle, which added to the stagnant temperature regime. The forecast suggests that this pattern will continue during the night and into early Wednesday, with minimal change. Nevertheless, there is optimism that the situation will improve as some breaks in the clouds are expected on Wednesday, providing an opportunity for temperatures to rise slightly.

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