Travis King: Freed by North Korea, American Soldier Returns to the US


US Army Private Travis King has been returned to American custody after crossing into North Korea, marking a rare diplomatic success between Washington and Pyongyang. King, who had been detained in both South Korea and North Korea, arrived on US soil on a military flight and was escorted off the plane upon landing. He will likely be taken to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio to receive assistance in readjusting to normal life. The circumstances surrounding King’s crossing into North Korea and whether he will face disciplinary action remain unclear.

King’s return comes after weeks of intense negotiations involving multiple countries, including China and Sweden. China facilitated King’s transfer across the border, but denied playing a mediating role. North Korean state media had reported on Wednesday that Pyongyang decided to expel King, claiming that he had entered their territory due to dissatisfaction with the US Army and society. However, it is uncertain whether these words were King’s own. Despite the uncertain circumstances, US officials have noted that King seemed happy to be returning home and was in good health and spirits.

King’s crossing into North Korea took place against the backdrop of high tension between North Korea and the US. The two countries have no diplomatic relations, which is why Sweden acts as the US’ protecting power in North Korea. North Korea’s nuclear force has been a longstanding point of contention, as the US and South Korea have urged North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. The talks between North Korea and the US under the Trump administration ultimately fell through, and North Korea has since ramped up its weapons testing. The recent warning by US officials regarding North Korea potentially providing weapons to Russia for its invasion of Ukraine further escalated tensions.

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