Home Technology $2.7 Million Gundam Robot Suit Unveiled in Japan – South China Morning Post

$2.7 Million Gundam Robot Suit Unveiled in Japan – South China Morning Post

$2.7 Million Gundam Robot Suit Unveiled in Japan – South China Morning Post

A Tokyo-based startup, Tsubame Industries, has recently unveiled a massive humanoid robot that resembles the iconic Gundam in Japan. The robot, which stands at 3.4 meters tall and weighs around 7 tons, is controlled by a human pilot and can move its arms, legs, and even walk. The development of this robot, inspired by the popular Gundam franchise, took several years and cost approximately US$2.7 million. Tsubame Industries hopes to use the robot suit for entertainment purposes, such as performances and events, but also sees potential applications in disaster relief and heavy machinery operation.

The Gundam-inspired robot suit is an impressive technological feat that has captured the attention of many. Built by Tokyo-based startup Tsubame Industries, the 3.4-meter tall humanoid robot is controlled by a pilot and has intricate mobility capabilities. With a weight of approximately 7 tons, the robot can walk, move its arms and legs, and replicate a wide range of human movements. The development process of this robot took several years and cost around US$2.7 million. While the main focus is currently on its potential entertainment uses, Tsubame Industries also envisions applications for disaster relief efforts and operating heavy machinery.

Tsubame Industries’ giant Gundam-inspired robot suit is a testament to Japan’s innovation in robotics. The highly advanced humanoid robot, standing at an impressive 3.4 meters tall and weighing 7 tons, serves as a real-life embodiment of the iconic Gundam from Japanese pop culture. The suit is controlled by a human pilot, capable of executing intricate movements and walking. Its development required a significant investment of US$2.7 million and signifies Tsubame Industries’ commitment to advancing technology and robotics. The company aims to utilize the robot in entertainment performances and events, while also exploring future applications in disaster response and heavy machinery operation.

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