Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC Review: Budget Noise-Canceling Buds Expertly Reviewed (13 words)


Anker’s Soundcore line of wireless earbuds, known for their affordability, continues to impress with the new Liberty NC earbuds priced at $100. These earbuds offer a wide range of features, comparable to more expensive brands like Sony and Apple. While there are some compromises, such as fussy controls and features that don’t work as advertised, the overall package of comfort, style, and functionality is solid. The earbuds have a flashy design, sturdy build quality, and Qi-charging compatibility, making them a great value for the price.

The Liberty NC earbuds resemble Apple’s stem-shaped design and are lightweight and comfortable for extended use. While the touch controls on the earbuds can be inaccurate and less intuitive compared to premium brands, they are fully programmable through the Soundcore app. The app also offers a wide array of features, surpassing most earbuds in its price range. These features include adaptive active noise canceling, different transparency modes, customizable EQ, and additional extras like an earbuds finder and latency reducer for gaming. However, not all features live up to expectations, and the battery-playback claims of 10 hours and 50 hours with the charging case may be exaggerated.

Despite its flaws, the Anker Liberty NC earbuds offer an impressive set of features, a stylish design, and a comfortable fit at an affordable price point. While there are some compromises and not all features perform as expected, the overall value provided by these earbuds is hard to beat. With a sleek look, Qi-charging compatibility, and a wide range of customizable features through the Soundcore app, these earbuds are a solid option for budget-conscious consumers looking for good sound quality and useful features in their wireless earbuds.

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