Apple Rejects Repairs, Deems $17K Gold Watch & All First-Gen Watches Obsolete


Apple has announced that its $17,000 gold watch, along with all first-generation timepieces, is now considered obsolete. This means that customers can no longer bring their 18-karat gold Apple Watch into any Apple Store for repairs, and the company will no longer order spare parts. The decision follows Apple’s decision to stop updating the software for the gold watch in 2018. This news may disappoint customers who expected their expensive timepiece to last longer and have the option for repairs or changes.

The 18-karat gold Apple Watch was released in 2015 as a luxurious upgrade to the original model. Priced at $17,000, it catered to those willing to invest in a high-end timepiece. However, the discontinuation of repairs and spare parts for the gold watch does not affect a large number of customers, as it was not widely popular. According to reports, the company sold the gold watch in the “low tens of thousands.” Some collectors may still be interested in acquiring the discontinued timepiece, offering potential options for those who own it.

Meanwhile, Apple has continued to release newer editions of the Apple Watch, with the latest being the ninth edition. These newer models come with improved performance features, such as a 30% faster GPU and new functions like the double tap gesture for call answering and Apple Music controls. The Ultra 2 model even boasts the brightest display ever made by Apple. While the discontinuation of support for the gold watch may disappoint some, Apple enthusiasts have a wide range of newer options to choose from.

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