Apple’s Long-Criticized Studio Display Webcam Now Features Manual Framing Functionality.


Apple has released a firmware update for its Studio Display to improve its 12MP ultrawide webcam. The update, which adds support for zoom, recenter, and manual framing, gives users more control over how they look on video calls. The new controls allow users to zoom and pan across the image to position themselves in the frame, and they can revert to default settings by hitting the “recenter” button. The update also includes minor stability improvements to the Studio Display. However, despite these fixes, some users still find the webcam to be less than satisfactory.

In addition to the Studio Display update, Apple has also introduced similar controls to the Continuity Camera feature in the latest macOS Sonoma release. This feature allows users to use their iPhones for video chats on Mac. For Studio Display owners who are not satisfied with the webcam’s performance, this may be a better alternative. Despite the improvements made through firmware updates, the webcam still falls short for some users, as they have previously complained about image quality issues and the camera’s high tilt that can be distracting during video calls.

Overall, Apple’s firmware update for the Studio Display aims to address some of the concerns raised by users regarding the webcam’s performance. The update adds new controls such as zoom, recenter, and manual framing, giving users more flexibility in positioning themselves within the frame. However, while these updates improve functionality, some users still find the webcam subpar and may opt to use the Continuity Camera feature on their iPhones instead.

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