Barbie IMAX Release Set for September, Including Exclusive End Credit Scene


Barbie, the popular doll, continues to dominate the box office and is now heading to IMAX screens for a limited one-week run in North America. The film, which already has a digital release scheduled in a few weeks, will feature brand-new bonus footage exclusively for the IMAX release. The co-writer and director, Greta Gerwig, expressed her gratitude to Barbie fans for their overwhelming support and excitement. While there is no information about the specific content of the new footage, its addition, along with the opportunity to see the film on a bigger screen, is expected to further boost its impressive box office performance.

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond expressed his delight in partnering with Gerwig and Warner Bros. to bring a special edition of Barbie to IMAX audiences worldwide. The film has been a critical and commercial success, and this exclusive IMAX release with never-before-seen footage is a treat for fans. Although the details of the new footage remain a mystery, the film’s high box office earnings, which are already the highest of the year, are expected to increase further. This exciting news provides an opportunity for fans to revisit the film and experience it on the biggest screen possible.

In conclusion, Barbie’s success at the box office continues with its upcoming IMAX release. Fans can enjoy the film for a limited time on the IMAX screen in North America, along with exclusive bonus footage. The film’s director expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and shared excitement of Barbie fans. With the addition of new footage and the opportunity to watch it on a bigger screen, Barbie is set to attract even more viewers and potentially increase its already impressive box office earnings. IMAX and its CEO are thrilled to partner with the Barbie team to deliver this special edition of the film to audiences worldwide.

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