Chrome follows Safari, allowing address bar relocation to the bottom after two years – max 13 words


Google Chrome on iOS now has a test version that allows users to move the address bar to the bottom of the screen. This change makes it more convenient for users to access the address bar with their thumb. However, it is worth noting that Apple had already implemented this feature by default in Safari with the release of iOS 15, making Google Chrome late to the game.

To change the location of the address bar, users can either press and hold on the bar to see the option to switch its position or go into Chrome’s settings. It seems that this feature may not be available for everyone on the TestFlight build yet, as a colleague in the UK was unable to find the setting.

It is unclear at this time if Google plans to make this feature widely available for all Chrome users on iOS or if it will also be introduced on Android. Google had previously experimented with placing the URL bar at the bottom of Chrome for Android in 2017 but later removed the feature. Nonetheless, as phone screens continue to increase in size, having the option to move the address bar to a more accessible position would be beneficial.

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