Creating Strategic Defensibility for Early-Stage Startups: TC Startup Battlefield Masterclass with Canvas Ventures


This news article discusses a master class session with Canvas Ventures’ Mike Ghaffary, which took place as part of the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco. Each year, TechCrunch selects 200 early-stage founders from around the world to feature in this event. In the session, Ghaffary provides valuable insights and advice to these founders on startup defensibility and staying competitive while building and scaling their businesses. The session highlights the important components of startup defensibility and the key strategic advantage buckets that founders should focus on.

Ghaffary emphasizes the significance of building a strong defense against competition in the startup world. He believes that founders should identify and leverage their key strategic advantages, or “advantage buckets,” to differentiate themselves and stay ahead. These advantage buckets can include network effects, brand, proprietary technology, and economies of scale. Ghaffary also discusses various strategies that founders can implement to enhance their defensibility, such as creating barriers to entry, establishing strong customer loyalty, and developing intellectual property.

Overall, this article presents a summary of a master class session with Mike Ghaffary at TechCrunch Disrupt. The session focuses on startup defensibility and provides founders with valuable advice on staying competitive as they build and scale their businesses. By highlighting the important components of startup defensibility and emphasizing the key strategic advantage buckets, Ghaffary offers insightful guidance to early-stage founders in their entrepreneurial journeys.

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