Dave Limp to Transition from Amazon to Head Blue Origin under Bezos


David Limp, former SVP of Devices and Services at Amazon, was initially reported to be retiring from his position. However, it was later announced at Amazon’s 2023 Devices Event that Limp would be taking over as CEO of Blue Origin, replacing the current CEO, Bob Smith, who is retiring. Smith will remain with Blue Origin until January 2, 2024, to assist with the transition. In an announcement to Blue Origin’s workforce, Jeff Bezos expressed his gratitude for Smith’s leadership and highlighted the significant growth and achievements of the company under his tenure. Bezos also praised Limp as a proven innovator with extensive experience leading large organizations and a customer-first mindset. Limp expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishments at Blue Origin and emphasized his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition.

While Amazon has not officially named a successor for Limp, rumors suggest that Panos Panay, Microsoft’s product chief who recently left his role after two decades, is a leading choice for the position.

Overall, this news article highlights the leadership transition at Blue Origin, with David Limp taking over as the new CEO. It underscores the achievements and growth of Blue Origin under Bob Smith’s leadership and recognizes Limp’s qualifications and experience. The article also alludes to a possible successor for Limp’s former role at Amazon, with rumors suggesting Panos Panay as a potential candidate.

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