Delta emulator transforms into full retro console with AirPlay integration.


The launch of the Delta emulator on iPhones marks a significant milestone, offering users the opportunity to play classic games like NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, and Nintendo DS on their devices. What makes Delta even more exciting is its compatibility with AirPlay, allowing users to stream games to larger screens like Apple TV or computers while using their phone as a controller. This feature enhances the gaming experience by providing a more immersive and user-friendly way to play.

Testing the setup with an iPhone, Apple TV, and PS5’s DualSense controller proved to be straightforward and seamless, with no noticeable lag in controls while playing NES, SNES, and GBA games. The process was similarly smooth on a MacBook Air once the correct permissions were set. Delta’s innovative approach to gaming offers a more natural and enjoyable experience, particularly for multiplayer games, where the use of a real controller enhances gameplay significantly, especially for games originally designed for TV screens.

Overall, Delta’s user-friendly interface and versatile functionalities make it a must-have for gamers looking to relive nostalgic classics on their smartphones. The convenience of streaming games to larger screens and the option to use actual controllers add a new level of excitement to the gaming experience. As iOS emulators continue to evolve, Delta sets a high standard for performance and usability, showcasing the potential for even more exciting developments in the world of mobile gaming.

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