Engaging in Ahsoka Spoiler Discussion for Star Wars Episode 7, Enter the Zone!


The recent episode of the Disney+ Star Wars series “Ahsoka” introduced two major characters, Thrawn and Ezra. Thrawn, played by Lars Mikkelsen, and Ezra, played by Eman Esfandi, made their debut in the episode titled “Far, Far Away.” Although the episode did not focus much on Ahsoka herself, it set the stage for a thrilling storyline. In the upcoming episodes, Ahsoka, portrayed by Rosario Dawson, will continue her pursuit of Sabine and Thrawn.

Ahsoka is on her way to the planet where Sabine and Thrawn are located, with the help of Purrgil star whales. The episode’s ending hinted at the possibility of showcasing Thrawn’s dark magick powers, courtesy of the Great Mothers. As the series heads towards its season finale, scheduled for release on Disney+ on October 3, viewers can expect more action and revelations. The episode has generated much excitement and anticipation among fans, who eagerly await further developments in the storyline.

With the introduction of Thrawn and Ezra, “Ahsoka” has taken an exciting turn. The addition of these characters promises to bring more depth and complexity to the series. As the plot thickens, fans are eager to see how Ahsoka’s journey will unfold and what will happen when she finally confronts Thrawn. The upcoming episodes hold the potential for intense action and unexpected twists, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the show’s climax.

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