Get the scoop on ‘Quordle’ today: All answers and hints for September 26, 2023.


The news article discusses a word game called “Quordle,” which is similar to “Wordle” but with a twist. In Quordle, players have to guess the correct letters for four different words simultaneously, using nine guesses. The game was created by Freddie Meyer, who drew inspiration from another word game called “Dordle.” Quordle has gained popularity since its release, attracting millions of daily users and earning modest revenue through Patreon.

While Quordle shares similarities with Wordle, there are strategic differences. In Wordle, players can rely on single letter-change variations to narrow down the solution. However, in Quordle, this approach can be a trap. Instead, players must focus on eliminating as many letters as possible with each guess. Guessing random words to eliminate potential letters is a normal strategy in Quordle but considered desperate in Wordle.

For players looking to speed up their Quordle gameplay, there is a strategy that involves starting with words that include all the vowels and other common letters. This strategy helps eliminate most of the alphabet and reduces the chances of making wrong guesses. Furthermore, the article provides answers for the current Quordle game, consisting of the words “SEDAN,” “CHARD,” “CHASM,” and “GUSTO.”

In conclusion, Quordle is a word game similar to Wordle but with its own unique gameplay mechanics. It has gained popularity since its release and offers a different strategic approach compared to Wordle. Additionally, the article provides hints and answers for the current Quordle game for players seeking assistance.

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