Google Messages adding ‘Profiles’ feature for setting name and photo.


Google Messages is currently developing a Profiles feature, as revealed in the version 20231106_01_RC00 of Google Messages. This update allows users to choose their profile name and picture so that people can recognize them. This is expected to manifest at the top of conversations. Based on the recent APK Insight, it remains uncertain whether Profiles are an RCS feature or a system managed and hosted by Google Messages itself. In addition to Profiles, other features like Google Account-based device pairing and the voice recorder redesign are anticipated. It will also include a toggle for “Profile sharing,” controlling “Visibility,” ability to get notifications when new contacts are found, and “contact updates.”

Moreover, back in January, a “Profile” preferences page was spotted, which was partially visible in the Android system Settings. This feature will also include failing to save profile name and picture, sharing preferences, and onboarding a banner title. Despite being available for a while, Google has yet to officially announce this upgrade and how it will be different from existing functionalities in the device.

In summary, Google Messages has been working on a feature known as Profiles, and according to the insights gathered so far, it could potentially allow users to choose their profile name and picture for better recognition. Additionally, this feature could feature a function for controlling visibility and alerts for new contacts and updates. While Profiles are anticipated to appear at the top of conversations, it is not yet confirmed whether the feature will be part of RCS or whether it will be managed and hosted by Google Messages itself.

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