Humane’s AI Pin offers T-Mobile integration, priced at $699 with $24/month.


Humane is developing a groundbreaking device called the AI Pin, scheduled to launch on Thursday. Described as a wearable smartphone without a screen, the Pin operates with a $24-per-month subscription fee and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Pin clips magnetically to clothes or surfaces, and offers AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI. The device features a camera, sensors to track surroundings, a speaker, and a unique “personic” speaker that enables connection to Bluetooth headphones. The OS is called Cosmos and offers AI assistance to complete several tasks such as composing messages in your voice, summarizing emails, translating languages, identifying food, and a lot more. Although Humane intends for the Pin to function as a self-contained, simple wearable device, there is a feature called, which serves as a tool to manage the device where users would access the notes, images, and videos collected while wearing the Pin.

The Pin sells for $699, which includes the device, a charger, and two “battery boosters”. The device runs on a Humane-branded version of T-Mobile’s network. Beyond the initial cost, access to Humane’s wireless service also requires a subscription fee of $24 per month. The Pin will also offer AI-centric photography features with support for Tidal music streaming through an “AI DJ”. There is a green laser projector that can project information onto your hand and though the Pin is primarily meant to be voice-based, the device will offer new methods of communication through gestures and a touchpad located somewhere on the device.

It is uncertain how long the battery lasts, but users will have the option to swap in new batteries throughout the day to keep the Pin running. Humane will be announcing the device officially tomorrow, at which point they will likely provide additional details on the launch date, performance, and whether the concept of a smartphone without a screen will be appealing to consumers.

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