Introducing Ray-Ban Stories 2: Enhanced Design, Specs, AI, and a New Name


Meta introduced its latest collaboration with Ray-Ban, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Collection, alongside the announcement of the Meta Quest 3 VR headset. The smart glasses, up for pre-order starting at £299, feature improvements in camera quality, storage capacity, microphone system, and speaker performance. They also come with a simple voice assistant and offer various design options. Additionally, Meta plans to incorporate its new Meta AI digital assistant into these smart glasses next year and add live streaming capabilities. However, the glasses may be considered niche and may not appeal to a wider audience who may opt for using their phones or other action cameras for similar functionalities.

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Collection, a collaboration between Meta and Ray-Ban, offers several enhancements compared to the previous Ray-Ban Stories model. The glasses feature a 12MP camera for higher-resolution images and videos, improved microphone and speaker systems for enhanced audio quality, and a voice assistant for easy control. The design has also been refreshed, offering options for different frame styles and customizable colors. Meta also plans to incorporate its Meta AI digital assistant in the glasses, allowing users to ask questions and receive useful answers. Moreover, the glasses are set to receive updates in the future, including the ability to analyze surroundings and live streaming capabilities.

While the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Collection offers impressive features, it may have limited appeal due to its niche nature. The glasses are best suited for individuals who want a hands-free recording and capturing experience while remaining active in the moment. However, concerns arise regarding the social acceptability of wearing noticeable cameras and the availability of alternatives such as smartphones or action cameras with better camera capabilities. Additionally, the glasses may cater more to specific use-cases rather than general use. Therefore, potential buyers should carefully consider their lifestyle and the practicality of these smart glasses before making a purchase decision.

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