Is Ethernet Wiring Worth the Investment for Your House?


In our wireless world, where everything from power to audio is transmitted without the need for wires, it’s easy to forget about the advantages of a wired internet connection. While most of us rely on wifi for our online activities, ethernet still offers a better experience in many ways. Firstly, ethernet is faster than wifi, with studies showing that it can achieve speeds that are more than double that of wifi. Even with the upcoming release of WiFi 7, which promises faster speeds, ethernet will still have the upper hand. Secondly, ethernet offers more reliable coverage as it doesn’t degrade with distance like wifi does. It also provides lower latency, making it ideal for applications like gaming. Lastly, ethernet provides better security as it is a physical connection that is more difficult for hackers to access compared to wifi signals that are transmitted through the air.

While wifi is convenient and suitable for most needs, there are clear advantages to wiring your house for ethernet if you have the opportunity. With faster speeds, reliable coverage, and better security, ethernet still surpasses wifi in many ways. While the newest version of wifi, WiFi 7, may rival ethernet speeds, it won’t eliminate the potential for dead zones or the security vulnerabilities of a wireless connection. Therefore, if circumstances allow, it’s a good idea to consider running ethernet through your home for the best possible internet experience. While the day may come when wifi becomes advanced enough to render ethernet obsolete, that day is not today.

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