Microdot Technology: A Breakthrough in The New York Times


The New York Times crossword puzzle features some surprising words that highlight modern life. The puzzle, which includes a handful of portmanteaus, introduces the word “SHARENTING,” a combined term that describes the act of constantly posting pictures and news about one’s kids on social media. This phenomenon is a reflection of the way parenting and social media have converged in recent years.

Other words in the puzzle showcase the evolving use of language and changing contexts. For instance, “NENES” is used to describe Spanish little ones, combining different but related terms to create a new plural form. In another clever wordplay, the term “Breakout” is reimagined to refer to an escape room, highlighting how the meaning of expressions can shift over time.

The crossword puzzle highlights how language continues to evolve to reflect our contemporary experiences and behaviors. From parenting in the digital age, to the increasing popularity of escape rooms, the words featured in the puzzle capture the unique facets of modern life.

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