MotoGP™ Q2: Motul Japan Grand Prix Revs Up –


The news article discusses various events and developments in the MotoGP™ racing world. The first article titled “MotoGP™ Q2: Motul Grand Prix of Japan” outlines the happenings during the second qualifying session at the Motul Grand Prix of Japan. It provides details about the top performers, their lap times, and the ongoing competition between the riders.

In another article named “”It’s all in the air” – Acosta plunges MotoGP™ move into doubt,” the focus shifts to Pedro Acosta and his uncertain future in the MotoGP™. Acosta’s impressive performance in the Moto3 class has raised questions about his potential move to the premier class. The article emphasizes that the decision is still up in the air as Acosta evaluates various factors before making his final decision.

Furthermore, the article “MotoGP™ Practice: Motul Grand Prix of Japan” sheds light on the practice session held at the Motul Grand Prix of Japan. It highlights the challenges faced by riders during the practice, the track conditions, and their preparation for the upcoming races. The practice session is an essential aspect for the riders to fine-tune their strategies and adapt to the specific demands of the circuit.

Overall, these news articles provide insights into recent MotoGP™ events, including qualifying sessions, potential rider movements, and the significance of practice sessions in preparation for the races.

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