New Samsung Galaxy S24 Leak Reveals Sleek Flat-Edge Design in 360 View


A recent leak of the Samsung Galaxy S24 suggests that the upcoming phone will feature a new design with flat edges, departing from the rounded edges of its predecessors. Leaked 360-degree renders, released by reputable leaker Steve McFly in partnership with SmartPrix, showcase the alleged design of the Galaxy S24, which resembles a typical Galaxy phone from the back. The render also reveals metal sides, resembling the metallic and flat sides of recent iPhones. However, it should be noted that renders usually focus on overall design rather than specific material and color choices.

One notable feature shown in the render is the presence of an ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna on the side of the phone. This suggests that the antenna will be visibly displayed on the exterior of the Galaxy S24, unlike previous models where it was concealed within the phone. In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy S24 is expected to have similar measurements to its predecessor, the Galaxy S23. Additional predictions for the phone include a 6.1-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, indicating minimal changes compared to its predecessor.

Apart from the Galaxy S24, leaked renders for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus have also emerged. These renders exhibit a similar design to the Galaxy S24, including a metallic finish on the side frame. The dimensions of the S24 Plus are anticipated to be almost identical to last year’s S23 Plus. Overall, these leaks provide an early glimpse into the possible design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series, although further official confirmation is still needed.

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