Norwegian Horror Arriving on Shudder: 13 Disturbing Films to Watch


In the film Nightmare, Mona and Robby move into an old apartment, haunted by the death of its previous tenant, a pregnant woman. Mona begins experiencing vivid nightmares and sleep paralysis, leaving her terrified to sleep. As Mona renovates the apartment alone, she is surrounded by hostile sounds and an emotionally distant relationship with Robby. When Mona discovers she is pregnant and chooses to have an abortion, she turns to a sleep specialist for help in escaping the torment of her dreams.

Nightmare offers a unique twist on horror films centered around expectant mothers. Instead of focusing on the evil entities targeting pregnant women, the story follows a woman who chooses not to keep her pregnancy. The film delves into the emotional struggles of Mona as she deals with her decision and seeks help to escape the clutches of the sinister dreams. Eili Harboe delivers a compelling performance, capturing the turmoil and fear experienced by Mona.

However, Nightmare falls short in fully developing its intriguing ideas. The majority of the film takes place within Mona’s dream world, and the story occasionally drags, even outside of her nightmares. The confined setting of the apartment building doesn’t contribute to the excitement of the film. While there are hints of a larger conspiracy and intriguing neighbors, the film fails to explore these elements fully. Nevertheless, Nightmare remains an intimate tale from a woman’s perspective, highlighting the horrors Mona faces in both her dreams and waking life.

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