Peloton co-founder Tom Cortese resigns from position in under 13 words.


Tom Cortese, the co-founder and chief product officer of Peloton, has announced that he is stepping down from his role. Peloton will replace Cortese with former Twitter executive Nick Caldwell, according to a press release. Cortese expressed his excitement for new growth for Peloton and himself personally, stating that he is looking forward to supporting and observing the next phase of the company’s evolution. Although Cortese will no longer serve in his current position, he will transition into an advisory role starting November 1st to continue supporting Peloton’s vision and growth. Throughout his time at Peloton, Cortese played a vital role in developing the company’s fitness equipment, including the popular rower.

Nick Caldwell, Peloton’s replacement for Cortese, brings extensive experience from major tech companies. He had a 15-year career at Microsoft before serving as the vice president of engineering at Reddit from 2016 to 2018. Following that, he worked at Google as the senior director of product and engineering. In more recent years, Caldwell held positions at Twitter, serving as the vice president of engineering and general manager from June 2020 to November 2022. With Caldwell’s diverse background and leadership experience, Peloton aims to maintain its growth trajectory and innovative approach.

While Tom Cortese will no longer hold his current role at Peloton, his advisory position signifies his continued involvement and commitment to the company’s vision and growth. Caldwell’s extensive experience across various tech companies positions him well to fill the vacant role and contribute to Peloton’s continued success. As Cortese steps aside, he expressed gratitude for his time at Peloton and his eagerness to embrace new opportunities and perspectives. Peloton, with its change in leadership, looks towards the future with optimism, aiming to further evolve and expand its offerings in the fitness industry.

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