Pixel 8 Pro displays with bumps under glass found in some units.


Pixel 8 Pro owners have recently reported bumps on their screens. This issue is widespread and appears consistently in the same places – namely a series of mounds near the top edge and around the front-facing camera. Some users have also noticed bumps near the device’s perimeter. The cause of the issue remains uncertain, but it does not seem to affect the functionality or display quality of the devices. Users are calling on Google for an explanation and some have requested a replacement or extended warranty to address the problem, but some reports suggest that replacement Pixel 8 Pros have the same issue. Despite this, it is unclear how widespread this problem is.

Some Pixel 8 Pro owners have noticed circular bumps in several places on the screen that look to be the result of something pressing up against the underside, which is soft and fragile, of the 6.7-inch OLED panel. Reports of the bumps consistently appear in the same places on the screen, leading users to report this issue in significant numbers. However, it remains unclear how widespread the issue is. The possible cause of the bumps could be due to the uneven surface the display rests on or something in the manufacturing process. Users have reached out to Google for a replacement and are calling for an extended warranty, but some reports suggest that replaced devices also have the same issue.

It is worth noting that there is currently no impact on touch functionality or image quality. The mounds caused by this issue are not outwardly visible unless viewed from a particular angle or under optimal lighting. However, concerns have been raised about the potential for these bumps to worsen and cause damage to the display over time. This issue has left users dissatisfied with the lack of clarity or resolution from Google.

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