Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Part 2: The Indigo Disk – Hands-On Event


The Nintendo reps described the battle with Amarys, a member of the Blueberry Academy’s Elite Four, as “losable.” Curious about the level of difficulty, the writer decided to test its challenge and lost, impressed by the challenging fight and Amarys’s team and decisions. The Indigo Disk is the second DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, offering an endgame experience that requires completing the base game and the first DLC. Players will travel to the Blueberry Academy and encounter new trainers, new and old Pokémon to catch, and challenging battles.

The Indigo Disk introduces the Blueberry Academy’s Terarium, an enormous facility that recreates several distinct environments populated by Pokémon native to those places. Players can catch Pokémon from every previous generation, offering an excellent opportunity to fill out their Pokedex and observe Pokémon’s behavior in the wild. There are new evolutions and Paradox Pokémon, as well as returning Pokémon beyond just older starters. The Terarium also offers classes and hands-on activities, as well as a large emphasis on double battles, adding an extra layer of tactical and team-building decisions.

In addition to the Terarium and the battles, players will need to complete Elite Trials before challenging individual members of the Elite Four. The writer expressed excitement and anticipation for the extensive postgame content offered by The Indigo Disk, highlighting the thrill of exploring new and returning Pokémon, the exciting environment, and strong trainers to battle, signaling an engaging and robust experience for Pokémon fans.

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