Possible $699 AI Projector by Humane Could Replace Your Phone


Secretive, ex-Apple Employees Startup Humane is set to reveal their first AI wearable “AI Pin”, tomorrow. The futuristic – AI Pin will cost $699 and come loaded with features. It will also come with a $24 monthly “Humane Subscription” to access important features. The wearable is set to be powered by the GPT-4 and will have an operating system “Cosmos”. The official unveiling will reveal more about the wearable’s functionality, battery life and the future of mobile computing.

Humane, the super secretive startup built by ex-Apple employees will introduce its first AI wearable “AI Pin”. A leak says that it would cost about $699. Besides, users will pay an additional $24 monthly subscription to continue using the services. Cosmos will serve as its operating system and will come with two magnetic clips that double as battery packs. The technology is set to transform users’ experience in mobile computing. The company is expected to pitch the product in its official unveiling tomorrow.

Tech startup, Humane built by ex-Apple employees is revealing its first AI wearable “AI Pin” tomorrow. The leaks have mentioned that the price of the device would be $699. It will also include additional $24 monthly subscription for T-Mobile’s network for cellular data and cloud storage for photos and videos. The device is expected to replace the smartphone with features that include projecting caller ID, summarizing emails and health information of food. The application of GPT-4 is expected to make us switch from phones to AI Pin. The features, functionality and battery life will be uncovered in its official unveiling.

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