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In a recent blog post by Magic: The Gathering (MTG) lead designer Mark Rosewater, it has been revealed that the game may be moving away from its long-standing creature types. The discussion was sparked by the exclusion of the creature type “Witch” due to its real-world religious association. Rosewater confirmed that the MTG team is considering retiring older creature types like “Druid” and “Shaman.” This move is seen as an attempt by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC), the creator of MTG, to distance themselves from terms with real-world associations.

Creature types in MTG draw inspiration from various sources and are intended as general categories for similar creatures across multiple worlds. However, some creature types use terms with real-world associations. “Druid” and “Shaman” are two such relevant creature types that have been discussed recently. The popularity of the term “Druid” in Dungeons & Dragons (DND) and other pop-culture representations of the game makes it unlikely for Wizards to only phase out the use of Druid in MTG. The potential phasing out of these creature types reflects WOTC’s efforts to address cultural sensitivity, although changes may not be implemented all at once.

WOTC has already been redefining its language use, such as internally redefining the term “Tribal” as “Typal.” It remains to be seen if these changes will be felt across the board and if Wizards will make the decision to rebrand one of its iconic archetypes. This move suggests that MTG is evolving and adapting to cultural shifts, while still maintaining its core gameplay and design elements.

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