Release date announced for Final Fantasy 16’s Rising Tide DLC.


The final major content update for “Final Fantasy XVI,” titled “The Rising Tide,” is set to be released on April 18 for PlayStation 5. This DLC will revolve around a new area on the map called Mysidia, located in the northern region and untouched by the Blight that plagues the rest of the game. Players will venture to this picturesque land to uncover mysteries surrounding the Eikon of Water and the history of Mysidia. The DLC will cost $19.99 or can be obtained as part of the Expansion Pass for $24.99, which includes both “The Rising Tide” and the first DLC, “Echoes of The Fallen.”

In Mysidia, players will have the opportunity to explore a previously unseen part of the game world, characterized by vibrant blue skies and magical elements. The trailer for the DLC hints at the lore surrounding Mysidia and its connection to Bearers and Eikons, shedding light on the sacrifices made to create a new mother crystal. Additionally, the DLC may provide more depth to the character of Jill, who hails from the north and is associated with the Eikon Shiva. As players embark on this new adventure, they will unravel the mysteries of Mysidia and gain a deeper understanding of the game’s narrative.

Longtime fans of the “Final Fantasy” franchise will recognize Mysidia as a significant location from past titles, known for its ties to magic and enchanting landscapes. The release of “The Rising Tide” signifies the ongoing support and expansion of “Final Fantasy XVI,” offering players a chance to delve into new storylines and unravel the secrets of the game’s world. With the promise of exciting discoveries and deeper character development, this DLC is poised to enhance the overall gaming experience for fans of the series.

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